Why I love RubyLane

Why I love RubyLane

As an artist, it was has never been the money I was looking for, but the satisfaction of knowing others appreciated the love and dedication I put into each piece. I did a lot of research trying to determine my best match to use as a “shop.” It didn’t take long for me to realize that RubyLane would be my new home.

If you are searching for a place to sell your unique homemade items, I know you put forth a lot of hours and hard work to make each one special. I also know that a piece of your love and heart is in your work. Therefore, you want a place to go where others will understand and give your work the appreciation it deserves. The customers at RubyLane will meet all of these criteria. The contacts I have made make me realize how much they care and how much they appreciate my work.


Comfortable Setting

After I visited the web site, I immediately knew RubyLane was my best fit. I felt comfortable. I didn’t see all of the complicated instructions to do this or to do that. Or the small words to tell me how much money it would cost me.

Pictures Made Me Feel “At Home”

I saw pictures that made me feel comfortable. Maybe it was because I could relate to so many of them. A lot of the photos reminded me of everything from my childhood and all of the years since.

My Personal Shop

Then I spotted the area that read, “Open a shop on RubyLane!” I got so excited I started reading all about this possibility. I learned that people, like me, have shops from all over the world. I saw some of the items they offer, and once again, I felt so comfortable. I imagined how I could have exclusive sales, offer specialized items, and all sorts of things.

Special Events

I pushed the icon for “Special Events.” I was delighted to see all of the added ways I could connect my art with the many days where unique items were offered for sale.

Hand-Crafted Items

Later I found a page offering unique lockets for sale. This shop is where I made my decision to join RubyLane. Why? Because I could see the detail and dedication, the owner put into each of these pieces of art. Each one was unique and beautiful.

If you have been looking for a home for your hand-crafted items, I feel confident that RubyLane will meet all of your needs. The prices are reasonable. Renting a store is made simple. Loading your products is easy. The help from RubyLane is offered with genuine care and concern. Like me, once you visit, I know you will be sold.