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Building Your Tailwind Tribes

Posted by Don Kuhn on
Building Your Tailwind Tribes

So you love making handmade things, and you have been sharing your handmade passion on Pinterest. You are hoping to start a business that will make some extra cash, and you are wondering why the process has been so difficult. You spend hours a day creating pins and filling your boards, but the traffic and sales you dreamed of have been slow in coming. How do others manage there Pinterest and keep a constant flow of traffic, pins, and followers? In this article, I’ll talk about the Tailwind App, and let you in on how it works and why it might be a good fit for your online business.

You probably already know that social media is the number one way to bring traffic to your website where they can shop for your handmade goods. The tailwind app could be the help you have been waiting for. It takes a lot of time to maintain social media platforms to advertise. Many of us do not have the extra time to spend posting and pinning throughout the day and night. And we need to make sure that our products stay in front of the people around the world in a steady flow of pins and posts. This is where Tailwind can come to the rescue

What Is The Tailwind App?

Tailwind is a social media scheduler and manager that works as a browser extension. It is designed to take some of the fuss and complication out of maintaining and growing your social media following. It is specifically designed to work with Pinterest and can make the process a breeze. Maintaining Pinterest properly, advertising in a consistent way, understanding how your followers are growing, and why, is very important.
We all want to spend the bulk of our time with our family, working on our craft, and living life. Pinterest is a fantastic way of generating sales leads and even more important knowing what your followers want and filling your email list. Tailwind can help you do that. It works with Instagram as well as Pinterest, but the free trial makes it easy to test and see if it is a good fit for you.

What Does Tailwind Do?

Tailwind helps with almost every aspect of managing and scheduling your Pinterest. You can schedule your photos and videos to go out automatically. There are Hashtag suggestions, and it has a smart scheduler that will post when your followers are online most. Because it is a browser extension it will work from any site you are on and you can create 10 pins in one place. There is a drag and drop calendar and analytics on each pin and board. The advantages of Tailwind go on and on. It is a great way to keep you Pinterest humming.

What Are Tailwind Tribes

“Tailwind Tribes” is the group function that allows you to work with other like-minded people to help grow each other’s Pinterest. You can join Tribes in an astounding amount of niches and find new content to share on a daily basis. Teaming up to win with Tailwind Tribes is a great way to expand and learn.

How To Increase Pinterest Traffic

Tailwind can help you increase the traffic to your Pinterest by working while you are doing other things. It doesn’t matter if you are sleeping, at soccer practice with your kids, or on a beach, you can keep the Pins going out and speaking to your customers 24/7. But there are many different ways you can use Tailwind to increase your traffic. Smartloop is a newer feature that will allow you to automate your seasonal content and keep it coming at the right season without you having to worry.


I hope you have enjoyed our information on Tailwind. I have tried to give you a quick overview of what it is and what it does. Creating your handmade goods is your passion but sometimes we need to move some of those goods and earn some real cash. Growing your Pinterest is the best way to do that and Tailwind is another tool that can truly make that possible.