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Female Entrepreneur Blogs to Follow in 2020

Posted by Don Kuhn on
Female Entrepreneur Blogs to Follow in 2020

If you are a woman entrepreneur or want to be, here are the best blogs to follow in 2020. It doesn’t matter if you are in the dreaming phase of starting a business, or you have a business plan all ready to go and your still saving money to start. With this arsenal of business-savvy women, you can get the extra inspiration and knowledge you need to take the next step.

In the business world today there is incredible pressure and competition. Women helping women is a great way to overcome some of those obstacles and join forces with others who have made the leap and understand where you are. I hope you enjoy visiting these websites and feel the excitement as I did.

Emma Drew

Emma Drew’s Blog

Emma Drew has an all-in-one information and training website that is inspired by her courageous life story. A story that took her on a journey from leaving South Africa in fear and the experience of hunger and poverty, to the success of a six-figure income. On her website, you will find out what you can do to create your own story of success you can learn great ways to be self-employed and work from home and you can complete a free 6-week money making course. She has numerous blog awards and has had several media appearances. She also has a “Work with me” offer that will enable you to get help with advertising and promoting your business.

Denise Lee Yohn

Denise Lee Yohn’s Blog

Denise Lee Yohn is a business professional that specializes in helping her audience through her exceptional branding concepts and through her books and public speaking. Besides her talents as a business specialist, she is quite an adventurer having climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and is a professional ballerina. But her expertise in business is made available on her website where you can read about her work, buy her books, and find out about her consulting services. But there are free videos and links to her blogs where you can learn from her wealth of knowledge and put it to work in your business. She has been called the “expert to follow when branding your business” by Huffington Post, INC. and Publishers Weekly.

She Owns It

She Owns Blog

If you are a woman entrepreneur and you’re looking to be dazzled with inspiration then Sheownsit.com is the place to go. Every woman has a story and hopefully, we can write our own stories of success. We need to create our own personal stories about how we made it, and when we made it our own.

Celebrating, supporting, and connecting women is the motto of Sheownsit.com. You can feel the spark of inspiration when entering the website and we all need a daily dose of encouragement. You can find help with ad sponsorship and Banners as well as finding conferences across the USA and the world that will inspire women entrepreneurs and bring them together. You can submit a guest post that could possibly be published. Read the blog that is full of insights and tips for being the best female business owner you can be.

Launch With Rika

Launchwithrika Blog

If you need some encouragement getting started as an online entrepreneur. Launchitwithrika.com is a great place to get your feet in the water. This blog will cover how you can find products to sell. There are set up instructions for building an online platform for your business. Experience is the best teacher and why not learn from the experience of others. Launchitwithrika.com has a wealth of knowledge to get your business legs under you and take those first baby steps.

The digital images are inviting and put you at ease. Right away I felt as if this website was going to be straightforward and easy to understand. But just to be clear, if you have been in business for a while the learning continues into the deeper aspects of online business management. She has blogged on subjects like SEO and how you can get good branding logo ideas.

The Work At Home Woman

The Work At Home Woman Blog

The work-at-home woman was created by Holly Reisem Hannah. The website was noted as: “one of the top 100 websites for your career” so what does that mean? It means, if you are looking for work at home opportunities you can likely find it at Workathomewoman.com.

There is a huge curated list of work at home jobs. You can also find ready to start business opportunities that provide a ready to go business model. But if a job or business opportunity is not what you were looking for then check out the other extensive lists of work at home ideas. She will also walk you through starting your own money-making blog. This is truly a great resource for those longing to leave the rat race and work from the comfort of their own home. You can even get ideas on self-development and saving money.

Classy Career Girl

The Classy Career Girl Blog

Classycareergirl.com was launched in 2010 and has been named one of Forbes 35 most influential career sites. On the site, they say when women support women incredible things happen. And they pledge to be your guide, cheerleader, and teacher. Classy Career Girl or (CCG) is all about helping you as a woman to reach your full potential. At the website, you can subscribe to their podcast on your favorite platform and you can also read an extensive library of Blogs.

They are categorized and it is easy to find what you’re looking for. To seal the deal they will email you a stylish 90-day planner to help you get started on your business. It is free of charge and in printable PDF form. If you feel like a classy career girl you’re going to be right at home here. There is a lot of information training and good things for free.

I hope you get your favorite mug and beverage and settle in for some very interactive and engaging fun. Making handmade Goods is your passion and the way you fulfill your need to create. But selling your creation will help you to be able to continue that passion in the future and share it with others.

As women, we aspire to do great things. Many times those great aspirations are just one step away. It is wonderful to have the knowledge of other women who have made the journey and succeeded. Be brave and take that first step, it is the hardest part.