Want to connect with yourself on a deeper Soul level?

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Are you struggling to find your flow?

Need a jumpstart back into your JOY
but finding it hard to navigate your way?

Let’s do some JOY work together.

I’m Grace, a life coach    …and Intentional JOY Advisor


We’ll work together to help you dig deep and wade through the sometimes messiness of life,

to get to that place of JOY that already resides in you   …a place that longs to be uncovered.


Through focused phone sessions, we’ll explore the topics that you need clarity around,

while listening intently to your inner wisdom, to guide you to a more authentic, JOY-filled you.

Ready to begin your JOY work?

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and let’s talk about the things you want to accomplish & how I can help support you.

Let’s begin your journey back to deeper JOY.

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