blog awards have their place

and one is in this post!

it was a very nice surprise when i opened an email and saw that a friend i made online, Isa, had given me an award.  i have been awarded a ‘gorgeous blogger’ award. I am honored and, at the same time, tickled pink!

how way cool is that!!!!!!

now i have to answer 5 questions…

when did you start your blog?
i started my original blog back in June 2007 (wowsa!) …had to go digging for that long ago bit of info. this means that 5 yrs of blogging is coming upon me…must do something bout that…..mmmh (she says quizzically)

what do you write about?
my blog is about my art, my life and all the things that happen in between………and there have been some doozies!

what makes this special?
what makes blogging special to me is that i have a chance to share a piece of me…my art and my life….with online friends i’ve made over the years (but not had a chance yet to meet) and keep my local friends up to date with my goings on, especially if we haven’t seen each other in a while.

my original blog was named  barnyard chatter (long story name is redbarn studios…get it?) and i always signed off each post with “see ya next time, in the hayloft”. I used that because the hayloft reminded of a cool place to hang out together for friendship, laughter and lots and lots of chatting.  soon i’ll have to invite you all to my real barn…when i get it that is (hee hee)

what made you start writing?
i have always wanted to write in a diary and have started many a journal over the years, but writing that way never really stuck. one day my impish side decided she needed to challenge me, so i took the bait and……my blog was born.

the impish grace

i want always to be authentic in my words, to keep things light and that kinda comes out in my posts. i write like i talk…like i’m sitting with some friends in a cafe…..sipping on some java……shooting the breeze……contemplating life and all that she’s cracked up to be.

what would you change in your blog?
in the last few months i’ve been moving toward more ‘be real’ content as opposed to just about ‘art’.  although i love, love , love creating, my life these days is not just about the art and i needed my blog to reflect more of that. I believe what we write should be part and parcel of who we are.

as for the technical side, funnily enough i’ve recently been thinking bout updating her looks. a few years ago i changed from blogger to then moved to where i now host my own blog.  been thinking it’s now time for a revamp…..give this girl some more me style, maybe bring on some more RED!

next, the nominations…

wasn’t gonna nominate anyone else cause i know sometimes other bloggers don’t want to be bothered, but i had a rethunk and decided i would rather share these people with you rather than keep them to myself.  they are but a handful of the bloggers out there who make me smile and laugh each day.   c’mon now, i had to pass on this ‘make-you-feel-real-good’ gorgeous blogger award.

the first one that came to mind is my friend Delane….she is inspirational, creative, supportive and the definition of friend.

next is funky, no holds barred Sasha…she is a soldier girl, living in the UK, paper artist, venturing out into a new, somewhat old thing…. professional photography

karoda, one of my fav quilt artists.  her art and words can invite the most sacred introspection.  don’t remember how we came to be online friends but it just happened and i like it.  she is as real as you can get!

i happened upon evalicious one day bout a year ago and have been reading her blog ever since.  she creates and sells innovative, spirited art journals….not your regular kind mind you.  must check out her ‘about’ page for heads up on her name.

last (and by no means least….you’ll read why) is francine.  self described as a scrapbooking, west indian mama, her creativity oozes out in all she does. i think her best creative moment by far (according to moi) is her son kieran.  full disclosure here….she also happens to be my cousin! yeh baby!!!! it runs in the fam….ha!

hope you enjoyed the trip with me as I accepted my award. have a gander at the other blogs…you might find yourself bookmarking a few.

Toodles all,