benefits of journaling

i’ve always kept a journal.

when i was about 12  i remember getting a beautiful red journal with a lock to hold all my secret thoughts, desperate school crushes and all manner of designs or ideas for new paper dolls and their clothes { see, it’s always been about paper }.

i also remember needing said lock cause i had a younger brother { nuff said right? } who i had to start hiding it from him because, altho he wanted to read it, the funniest and best thing for him was to hide it from me after he did.   thanks for the laughs andy…NOT!

since then, and despite my brother, i’ve always found journals a comfort to have around…..a place where i could be totally me without any judgements.


the other day….

 i got a chance to catch up on the zillions { it sure seems like it } of blogs i subscribe to.  one of those is karen walrond’s blog chookooloonks { it’s a trini thing }.

in her recent gratitude interlude post on her blog, she mentioned a bliss your heart post she did on the babble voices site {must once and for all bookmark that site too …only to make it a zillion and one blogs to read }.

in this post she writes about mindfulness   …{ something i try to be aware of as i go thru my day }

and keeping a gratitude journal   …{ i kept one for over  2 yrs a long few years ago when i needed work out some personal stuff and it was one of the best things i could have done for myself }

karen’s post, however, is mostly about how she journals …..why she likes to journal …..and how journaling every day has affected, altered and brought a certain peace to her life.

i had planned to write a post just like this giving reasons why i journal and why everyone should start journaling { and get your special journal from my shoppe of course } but karen has written such beautiful and pertinent words about the subject that i found it hard to duplicate.  i fell in love with her words and wanted to share them with you.




go here to read her post.


then go here to see new journals listed in the shoppe.


toodles y’all,