Be willing to fall flying rather than stay just on the edge and never jumping off

~ Lisa Nichols ~

You want to be nurtured.
You want help discerning your truth.
You want to tap into your own awesome power.

My mission, with the empowering circles I host, the journals I make and the words I write , is to encourage, to inspire, to empower YOU —as a woman, as a friend, as a partner, as a perfectly imperfect human being living in this wonderfully crazy world of ours —by helping you excavate, explore and discover bits of your authentic soul.  This is the Journal Circle.

Tell Me More!

You have stories to tell, ones that need to be recorded……the moments in your day, the events of your life, the dreams you want to capture.

Using beautiful papers from around the world these blank journals are the perfect vessel to hold your heartwords. What better way to begin WRITING YOUR STORY than in one of my “grace journals”

I make books the old fashioned way ….by hand.

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