no more hiding out


view from my front door of the house in which i hide so i’m doing it again  hiding.  you know….not shining my light.  i know the signs.  nothing gets completed.  tasks are listed and worked on but nothing gets crossed off and i stop showing up online on a regular.  PLUS, it came out in […]

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a TCV month of creativity!


it’s tcv creativity time! we’re doing another LIVE event on june 2nd. Come join us on The Creative View this tues. for our tcv challenge. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  this time it’s a month long #creativitychallenge with prompts for posting pics and for journaling your heARTwords.  Ho’o has […]

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inform your reality 


Dream big Feed your Soul Manifest Your SELF #theJOYwork

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finding the light

morning sun through the blinds.JPG

℘  early morning sun finding its way through the blinds casting shadows and light both through the window streams of light catching my arm my leg  . . .  my face as i pull open the blinds & feeling its early morning warmth i turn my face towards it accepting its offering in this moment […]

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the creative view | #gobuck

collabo yt pic

go buck! this was such a good session …oh my word! { sometimes there is no limit to where we go with our hashtags people! } this week on “The Creative View” we hashtag go buck { #gobuck } by answering what it means for us and how do we go buck and a certain video of myself dancing to […]

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what’s a zen collar & why am i choosing to wear one?


How do you define yourself? What qualities about the way you live your life categorizes you into a certain stereotype? Is that okay with you? I am a creative free thinker….one who succumbs to no ones will and tends not to want to be confined to any one box.

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one word at a time

one word image.JPG

  i’ve been developing a new workshop designed around making and sustaining a journaling habit.   there are a lot of ideas brewing in my brain and lots of cool course content i’m writing.   in my research i saw a phrase that just kept sticking to the outer recesses of my mind.  the article was about […]

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starting moments


be you.  shine big.  make today count happy friday y’all, peace. G

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